We've put together answers to the questions we get asked most often. If there's something we haven't covered, please drop us an email and we'll get back to you shortly.


I want to buy a jacket, why can't I?

Our jackets are sold in batches, three times a year. We make 300 jackets in a batch, and once they are sold out we close our shop to focus on making the jackets, while designing the next jacket.

The next jacket will be available in early October. For the exact date and release information, please sign up to our newsletter.

How do I find out about the next jacket?

Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming launches, the creative process and behind the scenes info.

Should I be quick?

If you know you want a jacket, it's best to be quick. Our first jacket sold out in 14 minutes and was shipped to 16 countries. 

How do I know what size I am?

We've put together a thorough size chart, here. If you're unsure about your size, or have any questions, please drop us an email or direct message us via instagram at @paynterjacket. We'll be happy to help.

How long until I get my jacket?

We don't like waste, so we make our jackets once we know what exact sizes and colours we're making. The making and dying process takes between 6-8 weeks depending on how busy our factory is. We keep you informed at every step of the way, showing you your jacket being made and where it's up to behind the scenes.

So if it's made to order, can I return if it doesn't fit me?

Of course! We do everything we can to minimise the chances of your jacket not fitting, however it can happen, and we will make sure you're not out of pocket. If your jacket didn't fit, you just need to return it in perfect unworn condition, and it will go to a happy home to the next person on our wait list. Full exchange and returns information is here.

Do you accept all payment types?

We accept all major credit cards on our website, however we do not accept Paypal payments. The reason for that is because Paypal make things tricky for small businesses by holding 80% of our takings until we have shipped our products. As we like to pay our suppliers upfront, that doesn't work for us, so we decided not to offer Paypal payments.

How many jackets can I buy?

We allow a maximum of two jackets per person, so that we can make for as many people as possible. 

Why don't you just make more?

We're careful to grow slowly as we want to keep a close eye on quality, and make sure we don't create any waste. 

I missed out, what do I do?

If you don't manage to get a jacket when they go on sale, please email us if you'd like to join the waiting list. Tell us what size and colour you would like, and if we get returns, we'll let you know.