Batch No.12 - The Denim Carpenter Jacket

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Hey there,

We’re Huw and Becky, the founders of Paynter.

We love clothes. And fabrics. And when a piece fits you perfectly or ages beautifully. 

Clothes can change your mood. Your posture. Your confidence.

You look forward to putting on your favourite jumper, shirt or jacket. 

They comfort and console us. They create memories, and help define who we are. 

But we're not big fans of the 'fashion' industry. 

It's one of the biggest polluters in the world. And it has a massive greed problem. 

It produces so much more than it needs that it creates (literal) mountains of waste every-single-day. 

So, we started Paynter as an experiment. 

We didn't want to follow in the footsteps of our industry and their broken business model.

Instead, we wanted to find new way of doing things: A less wasteful one.

A new way.

Instead of forcing a new collection or collaboration quarterly, monthly or weekly, we release just four Batches of jackets every year. (Yup, only four.)

Instead of guessing what people will buy and over producing, we only make what we sell. Making everything to order. (It takes longer, but we promise it's worth the wait).

Oh, we’ll also show you your jacket being made in the factory as we go.

Instead of using cheap fabrics and manufacturing, we use high quality fabrics from Japan, Italy and France. And all of our jackets are made in small family run factories in Nothern Portugal. These pieces are deigned to last.

And to be able to offer high-end products at fair prices, we cut out the expensive layers of management, wholesale and stores that lead to inflated product prices. Instead, it’s just the two of us in a small studio in London. 

Does it work?

So far it's going well. 

We're still a team of two. And have built a community of tens of thousands of people from over 70 countries who are spreading the word.

But we're only just getting started.

If you like to join us to see a different way of doing things, subscribe to our newsletter to find out more and to get early access to our next Batch.

Until next time, 

Huw & Becky

P.S. If you want to see all our previous jackets, check out our archive here.

  • “An emotional investment you don't normally get when you purchase an item of clothing.”

    Lucy, London

  • “Thank you for letting me be part of your endlessly thoughtful and inspiringly progressive company.”

    Ilya, New York City

  • “My jacket is legit. That and my Redwings are my best investments.”

    Cal, Amsterdam

  • “My jacket is beautiful in every way and fits me perfectly, even better than I could have hoped for. Thank you for producing such a great product, I’ll be wearing it everyday.”

    Dylan, Sweden

  • “I met the jacket of my dreams today. We’d be courting for 2 months. She was more than worth the wait.”

    Tanner, Melbourne

  • “What a joy it has been to follow the whole process of making this beautifully considered garment from start to finish. Bravo Becky & Huw for bringing meaning and connection back to clothing.”

    Andrea, Hertfordshire

  • “This is utter perfection. The cut, fit, detailing and comfort… insanely good!”

    Dan, London

  • “We’re drowning in fast fashion, but Paynter have shown you can do things differently. More of this please.”

    Lawrence, Hong Kong

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