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It takes 8,700 miles to make your average tee. What if you could cut that mileage in half? After months of researching, we’ve found a way to get the miles right down. We sourced organic cotton from a farm in Turkey, then from milling onwards, it's spun into yarn, dyed, knitted, cut and sewn within six miles in Northern Portugal. Yup. Six miles. (It turns out that it also takes 6 miles of yarn to make one T-shirt.)


Made from a heavyweight 250gsm optical white jersey, the Six Mile Tee will likely be the heaviest t-shirt in your wardrobe. When we weighed it (Huw measures everything) and compared it with other tees, it was twice as heavy. But because it’s knitted with a soft 100% organic cotton yarn, it’s just as soft as it is durable. Oh, and it’s pre-washed to remove any shrinkage before it gets to you, so it will keep it’s shape after plenty of washing.

paynter jacket


The fit is relaxed and fits true to size. An all year round staple that looks great worn solo or layered underneath. If you prefer your tee a little boxier, just size up. For more help with sizing, head to this page with more details.


Tonal white on white Paynter Experiments embroidery on the chest. Embroidered within the Six Mile Production loop. Type designed by legendary chain stitcher Guilio Miglietta.

paynter jacket
paynter jacket


This is not the perfect white tee. To us, the perfect tee uses as little resources and leaves as small a trace as possible on our planet. We couldn't be more proud of this tee, but we know that mileage only counts for a fraction of the T-shirt's impact. We’re taking this one step at a time. And with each Batch of tees we make, we’ll iterate on our goal of a tee with the smallest impact. The limited Batches will map the iterations and improvements as we learn. This is not the perfect white tee. But it's the start of our journey towards getting there.

paynter jacket

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