paynter jacket
Batch No.4 is made from a super soft and hardwearing corduroy fabric, woven by Duca Visconti in Italy, who’ve been weaving corduroy since 1838.

A classic four pocket chore jacket. Limited edition label designed by Tess Smith-Roberts. Steel buttons. Hangloop. Subtle under collar stitching. Buttoned cuffs. Tapered sleeves. Interior phone and card pocket. Made entirely in Portugal.

You’ll also get weekly updates with behind the scenes footage so you can see your jacket being made for you.

The number one reason any piece of clothing becomes a favourite is because it fits like a glove. That’s why we spend so long working on it. Batch No.4 fits just like all our previous chore jackets. It’s based on a slim men’s cut. If you’re looking for a boxier fit or want space for layers, size up.

Jackets are a unisex fit. Most of our female customers prefer an oversized fit and choose to stay with their usual size, but if you want a slimmer fit, size down.

We make from XS to XXL. For further sizing advice, visit this page on sizing.

Each jacket is made to order and will ship in November via DHL.

Between order and shipping you’ll see weekly updates showing you where your jacket is up to, as well as extra customer-only content.

paynter jacket
paynter jacket
paynter jacket


The chore jacket. It gets its origins from the French mechanics and steel workers who wore them in the early 1900’s. Loose fitting, made from stiff fabrics, with big pockets for their tools. Ideal for working in. Over the pond they made a few tweaks to make their own version. An extra chest flap pocket. Metal buttons. So we thought we’d bring them together.

paynter jacket


This fabric deserves it’s title. It’s super soft, long lasting corduroy woven by Duca Visconti Di Modrone in Italy. Each jacket will be garment dyed in one of five colours, as chosen by you.


A two-hour drive east of the fabric mill, in Padova near Venice, thousands of steel buttons were made for us by Cobrax, an iconic Italian button makers renowned for very high quality and patented designs.

paynter jacket
paynter jacket


The label inside is limited to Batch No.4 and tells a charming story from Duca Visconti’s history, illustrated by Tess Smith-Roberts. Read about the inspiration behind the label and see Tess's design process here.

paynter jacket
paynter jacket


Our jackets are hand made in a factory nestled away on a mountain side in Guimarães, Portugal. It’s a maker town. The factory is a small family run business that has been going for the last 30 years, specialising in jackets. They have a track record for supporting the underdogs. We’re proud to have our jackets made by them.

paynter jacket
paynter jacket
paynter jacket

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