Way back, pre Paynter, Becky worked for Caravan, a specialty coffee roastery operating out of central London. A few weeks back, we headed to their Exmouth Market spot to pick up a few bags of coffee to keep everyone fuelled through our photoshoot. While we were there, we sat down with Jordan (head of coffee at Caravan Restaurants) to learn what goes into brewing the perfect Aeropress.

Here's all you need to know:


First up, here's what you'll need.

🤟🏼 Aeropress

✅ Aeropress filters

💦 Filtered water (Jordan likes Waitrose essentials!)

☕️ Coffee (ground for Aeropress)

⚖️ Scales

⏰ Timer



Step 1

Place two Aeropress filter papers into the screw cap and screw it onto the Aeropress. Jordan thinks two works a lot better than one. We trust him.

Pour freshly boiled water through the filter papers; that'll get rid of the slight papery taste.

Step 2

Weight out 16 grams of coffee, pre-ground for Aeropress. If you're grinding yourself, that's a medium-sized ground that has the consistency of table salt. If you don't have a grinder, any decent coffee shop will grind to your brewing method, just ask. 

Step 3

With your Aeropress full of coffee, put it onto your mug and place them both onto the scales. Reset the scales to zero.

Step 4

By now your freshly boiled water should have cooled to an ideal temperature (92-97 degrees C). 

Start your timer.

Start by pouring just 30 grams of water over your coffee grounds. Stir 5 times and wait 30 seconds, then add the rest of the water until the scales reach 250 grams.

Step 5

Place the rubber press into the top of the brewing chamber to create a vacuum, this stops the coffee starting to drip through the filter coffee before it's ready. 

Once your timer gets to 2 minutes & 20 seconds, flip your Aeropress and start to push through the coffee until it's done (as soon as you can hear air being pushed through, stop pushing). Grab a book, feet up, enjoy.

Top tip

Coffee is mostly water, so the type of water you use can make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee. According to Jordan, the best water to use is Volvic still water, Tesco Ashbeck water or Waitrose essential water. It sounds a bit crazy to go into such detail, but trust us, it makes a big difference. 💦

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